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Learn To Drive From 14 Years Old

Yes... That's right, from 14!

Off Road Driving Lessons:
We provide automatic and manual driving lessons from the age of 14 years old at our private land site at Llandow.  A provisional licence is not required on private land.

The Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) will have all the necessary business insurances, public indemnity, liability insurance and DBS checks to teach customers from the age of 14.
The skills that can be taught and developed include:
How to set the car up using the cockpit drill, the hand & foot controls, mirrors & blind spots, mirrors, signal, manoeuvre, moving off & stopping, accurate steering, clutch control, changing gears, parking on the left & the right, the emergency stop, reversing, turn in the road, reverse parallel parking, bay parking, hazard awareness, and more. We can also teach the importance of vehicle maintenance, i.e., checking the oil, coolant, brake fluid, tyre pressures, & ensuring all the tyres are legal & roadworthy.

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