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Learning to drive can be a daunting and exciting time, from applying for your provisional license, purchasing books and theory test software right the way through to sitting the practical driving test.
Here at I Will Drive we have put together the key information that you need to know about your driving course which includes some useful website links to apply for both your provisional license, theory and practical driving tests.
1. Applying for a Provisional License
provisionalBefore you can drive on public roads, you must have a valid provisional driving license.
To apply for a Provisional Licence, you must complete a D1 application form. The D1 application form can be obtained from your local Post Office or on-line. The easiest way to apply for a Provisional License is on-line. The current price of a provisional license will be stated on the D1 form online.
You’ll receive your Provisional License in approx 3-4 weeks. If you want to start your driving lessons on your 17th birthday apply for your license in good time. The earliest you can apply for your Provisional License is exactly 3 months before you are 17 (i.e. if you are 17 on 7th April the earliest date you can apply for your Provisional License is 7th January).
2. Recommended Reading
The Highway Code – Contains all the rules and regulations for the roads in the UK which you need to be aware of and abide to, to avoid breaking the law and possibly being prosecuted and losing your license. The Highway Code is £2.99 from with free delivery
Driving The Essential Skills – This book is an official publication by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) and details all the skills a learner driver requires to pass the theory and practical driving test. It can also be used as a guide to full license holders. The book is priced at £11.99.from wih free delivery.
3. The Theory Test
The Theory Test contains two parts:
Part 1 - Multiple choice questions - The multiple choice part is delivered using a touch screen computer and/or mouse. 50 questions are chosen at random by the DSA computer system from a bank of over 1,000 questions of which you must answer 43 correctly to pass.
Part 2 - Hazard Perception test – There are 14 video clips of various types of roads in the UK. The test is assessing your reaction speed to developing hazards. The sooner you react to the hazard the higher you score. The scores range from 5,4,3,2,1,0. 13 video clips contain a maximum of 5 marks and there is 1 random video clip which contains two score able hazards and is worth 10 marks. To pass the Hazard Perception Test you must score 44 out of a possible 75 marks.
Both parts need to be passed on the same day to successfully complete your theory test. If you pass one part and fail the other, you'll fail the whole test, and will have to take both parts again.
4. Applying for Your Practical Driving Test
When all of the driving course modules have been covered and you are you are driving well consistently, your driving instructor will conduct a mock test with you using an actual driving test route. The result of the mock test will determine if you are ready for the practical driving test. Your driving instructor will book the practical test for you.
5. The Practical Driving Test
You must have the following documents with you on the day of the Practical Driving Test or the DSA examiner WILL REFUSE to carry out your driving test and you will lose your fee:
* The appropriate theory test pass certificate
* Your appointment letter confirming your test time and date
* Both parts of your provisional licence - the photo card and the counterpart
The following is a summary of what can be expected on the day of the practical test:
  • The examiner will call your name and will ask to see both parts of your provisional licence – the photo card and the counterpart. The examiner may also ask to see your Theory Test Pass certificate and your appointment letter.

  • The examiner will ask you to read and sign a declaration confirming that the car you will be using for the test is fully insured. It will be!

  • The examiner will carry out an eye sight check where you will have to be able to read a car number plate 20.5 meters away.

  • The examiner will ask you 2 vehicle safety questions (Known as Show Me Tell Me questions). Your instructor will provide these for you at your first driving lesson.

  • You will then be tested on your practical driving ability using various types of roads, including two reversing manoeuvres. You may also be asked to carry out the Emergency Stop exercise. The examiner will go through this with you before you start to drive.


The practical test will last approx 40 minutes and the examiner will be looking for you to demonstrate that you have reached a safe standard of driving. To pass the practical driving test you must have less than 16 driver (minor) faults. If you commit 1 serious or 1 dangerous fault you will be unsuccessful.

At the end of the test the examiner will calculate any faults you have made and then tell you if you have been successful.

Once you have passed the practical driving test, the examiner will take your provisional licence off you and will then give you a Pass Certificate. The examiner will then explain that you will receive your full driving licence in the post in approx 3 weeks. There is no fee for your full licence, the DVLA simply issue a full licence replacing your provisional. Don’t worry you can still drive, you haven’t got to wait for your full licence to be sent out.
Under the New Drivers Act your driving license will be taken away from you if you build up six or more penalty points within two years of passing your first driving test. If you build up 6 or more points on your licence in the first two years you’ll  to reapply for a Provisional Driving License, pass the theory test again and then re-sit your practical driving test.
Under this heading tab include all the useful links and include the top tips to pass your tests quickly and helping learners to practice.
8. Information to Avoid The New Driver's Act
Please click here to read how to avoid loosing your new driving licence under the New Drivers Act!!
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