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altOff road driving lessons are carried out at Llandow Industrial Estate using the old aircraft runways.  

Pupils who learn from 14 years old do not require a provisional licence as they do not drive on public highways only on private land.


The Instructor will have all the necessary driving instructor insurances to teach pupils from the age of 14 years old.





Off road driving lessons are an excellent way of introducing and mastering the various basic skills of driving to people who have little or no experience. The aim is to develop real driving skills, confidence and experience which will prepare the pupil at 17 when they start their driving course to pass the UK driving test. 


Learning from 14 years old always goes down well with young pupils as most people believe they can’t start to learn to drive until they are 17. All the pupils have a great time driving a real car as well as learning new skills which they will be using for the rest of their driving life.




Pupils who have had driving lessons off road can be more suited to Intensive Driving courses to pass their driving test as soon as possible after turning 17.


The main reason for this is that the pupil has already built up some driving experience including the reversing manoeuvres and has confidence whilst driving.


The skills that have been developed with in the pupil off road are then transferred to driving on the public highway.

 The instructor will teach off road pupils the following skills:

How to set the car up using the cockpit drill
The foot and hand controls
Mirrors and Blind Spots – Mirror Signal Manoeuvre
Moving off and stopping the car
Pull Push Steering
Clutch Control
Gears - Power v Speed
Changing Gear up to 4th gear – including block gear changes up and down
Emergency Stop
Straight Line Reversing
Turn in the Road (3 Point Turn)
Reverse/Parallel Parking
Reversing around a Corner
Reversing into a Parking Bay
Hazard Awareness
Car Maintenance – Checking Oil, Water, Brake Fluid, Tyres, Tyre Pressures, etc


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Off Road Driving Lessons can be the perfect gift for unsuspecting friends & family

We can provide GIFT VOUCHERS for that Extra Special Present